16mm/Super 16mm

16mm Pro­cess­ing & Print­ing per 100 ft RatesStu­dent
All 16mm ser­vices start with a 100ft min­i­mum charge 
Black & White Neg­a­tive Processing $30.00
Colour Neg­a­tive Processing $32.00$28.00
Black & White Rever­sal Processing $40.00$36.00
Colour Rever­sal Process$46.00$40.00
Black & White Workprint$46.00$40.00
Colour Workprint$46.00$44.00
Black & White Rever­sal Print$56.00$50.00
Colour Inter-neg­a­tive $160.00n/a
Black & White Inter-negative$120.00n/a
Silent check print$56.00n/a
Final show print$86.00n/a
16/S16mm Film stock price per
100ft roll
Kodak Colour Neg­a­tive 7203/50D, 7213/200T, 7207/250D or 7219/500T $72.00
Kodak Black & White Neg­a­tive 7222 dou­ble x$62.00
Kodak Black & White Rever­sal 7266 Tri‑X $62.00
Kodak Colour Rever­sal Ektachrome 7294 100D$85.00

Package Deals for 16mm

Please find below dis­count­ed rates for pack­age deals, which are  com­bi­na­tions of items and ser­vices for a dis­count­ed rate when ordered at once.

16mm Film typeSer­vice Com­bi­na­tion / StockPrice per 100ft roll
black & white negativeProcess and Scan HD$60.00
black & white negative Process and Scan 2K$76.00
black & white neg­a­tive 7222Stock and Process only$86.00
black & white neg­a­tive 7222Stock, Process and Scan HD$114.00
black & white neg­a­tive 7222Stock, Process and Scan 2K$130.00
black & white reversal Process and Scan Hd$70.00
black & white reversal Process and Scan 2K$86.00
black & white rever­sal 7266Stock and Process only $96.00
black & white rever­sal 7266Stock, Process and Scan HD$124.00
black & white rever­sal 7266Stock, Process and Scan 2K$140.00
colour neg­a­tive Process and Scan HD$64.00
colour neg­a­tive Process and Scan 2K$80.00
colour neg­a­tive 7219,7207,7213,7203Stock and Process only$98.00
colour neg­a­tive 7219,7207,7213,7203Stock, Process and Scan HD$126.00
colour neg­a­tive 7219,7207,7213,7203Stock, Process and Scan 2K$142.00
colour rever­sal 7294, 7280Process and Scan HD $76.00
colour rever­sal 7294, 7280Process and Scan 2K$92.00
colour rever­sal 7294Stock and Process only$130.00
colour rever­sal 7294Stock, Process and Scan HD
colour rever­sal 7294Stock, Process and Scan 2K$170.00

There is a sav­ings of 4.00 per pro­cess­ing of a 100ft roll when a scan is request­ed with pro­cess­ing.      There is a sav­ings of 8.00 per 100ft roll of stock when pur­chased with pro­cess­ing includ­ed.              There is a sav­ings of 10.00 per 100ft roll of stock when pur­chased with pro­cess­ing and scanning.

Note: If per­son­al hard dri­ve is sup­plied for stor­age of dig­i­tal files it should be of ade­quate size and either backed up or emp­ty. Dri­ves must be for­mat­ted for ExFAT or a Mac. Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is not respon­si­ble for any data loss. We sug­gest a ratio of 18GB per 100′ for 2K.

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Lockdown measures for Toronto Spring 2021

-For the third wave of the pandemic, we have reverted to our previous safety measures for our local patrons.

-As before our 24hour film drop slot located to the side of our frond door is always the best choice for a simple safe drop off or your project. Don't forget to clearly label your project with at the very least your name, phone number or email.

-If you would rather leave your project in person please email or call ahead to arrange a time for this.

-Out of town orders continue un interrupted through mail in and out.