Digital to Film

Niagara Custom Lab is very pleased to continue its work capturing onto actual 35 or 16mm film one frame at a time your moving digital images. Useful in many situations, including the addition of a “film look” to a digital project, the completion of a digitally shot project by finishing on film, or the inclusion of digital elements into a project originally shot on film.

What we need from you to make this magic work

File type

You must provide us with a non interlaced, progressive quick time file running at 24 fps of your project, saved on a portable hard drive you can leave with us to use with our system, or found through a link we can access online.

Aspect Ratio

Some thought must be put into the aspect ratio you want us to shoot, we will not be responsible for cropping your digital image, so the quick time file you provide us should already be the ratio you want to see on the screen.

For 16mm this is fairly straightforward, 4X3 video is fairly close to the 1.37:1 of regular 16, if you’re working in HD crop your 16X9 on the sides to match the more square size of 4X3.

Working in 35mm is little trickier just because there are more options, 1.85:1 is the most common aspect ratio used in Hollywood, and around the world for theatrical release. Older aspect ratios such as 1.78, 1.66 or 1.37 are becoming harder to accommodate in many theatres, it’s up to you, but whatever end ratio you want on the 35mm frame, the digital file you provide us should already be cropped to fit.

If you don’t understand what ratio you need or want, or are having trouble cropping or saving your project in the proper size, or need help converting your project to a quick time file, or switching from interlaced to progressive we can suggest places to go for help.


Creating optical soundtrack negatives is not a service we carry out ourselves but we can pass the proper materials along to Transit Audio who are the only ones in this country still providing this service at a reasonable rate with unmatched expertise. Prices outlined for sound are approximate depending on the nature of your project and are subject to change at the discretion of Transit Audio.


35mm colour or black and white $2.50 per foot includes stock, capture and process of picture negative only
16mm colour or black and white $2.00 per foot includes stock, capture and process of picture negative only

Additional costs are incurred whether the project is intended to finish on film (see our printing prices on our 16mm and 35mm pages) or digitally (see our scanning page).

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