Super 8

Super 8mm processing priced per cartridge RegularStudent / Co-op
Colour Reversal Kodak 100D or Agfa 200D $32.00$28.00
Colour Negative Kodak stocks $28.00$24.00
Black & White Reversal Kodak or Adox $30.00$26.00
Cross Processing of Super 8 reversal stocks as negative $36.00$32.00
Standard 8mm Processing: B&W and Colour Reversal$36.00$32.00
Cross Processing of Standard 8mm reversal stocks as negative$40.00$36.00
The minimum charge for Super 8 & Standard 8mm (Regular 8) is one cartridge or one roll.
Super 8 Cartridges available for sale price per
cartridge +
processing + scan
Kodak Colour Negative 7203/50D, 7213/200T, 7219/500T $40.00 $60.00$86.00
Kodak Black & White Reversal 7266 Tri-X $40.00$60.00$86.00
Kodak Colour Reversal Ektachrome 7294 100D$56.00$80.00$106.00

Note: Filmmakers should include an adequate hard drive with the footage submitted for any scanning order. This hard drive should be either backed up or empty. Drives must be formatted for ExFAT or a Mac. Niagara Custom Lab is not responsible for any data loss. We suggest a ratio of 18GB per 100′.

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