Super 8 / Regular 8

Super 8 processing priced per cartridge StandardStudent / Co-op
Colour Reversal Kodak 100D or Agfa 200D $34.00$30.00
Colour Negative Kodak stocks $30.00$26.00
Black & White Reversal Kodak or Adox $32.00$28.00
Cross Processing of Super 8 reversal stocks as negative $36.00$32.00
Standard 8mm Processing: B&W and Colour Reversal$36.00$32.00
Cross Processing of Standard 8mm reversal stocks as negative$40.00$36.00

The minimum charge for Super 8 & Standard 8mm (Regular 8) is one cartridge or one roll. Rolls submitted that turn out blank due to camera error are free of charge.

Super 8 Cartridges available for sale price per
Kodak Colour Negative 7203/50D, 7213/200T or 7219/500T $42.00
Kodak Black & White Reversal 7266 Tri-X $42.00
Kodak Colour Reversal Ektachrome 7294 100D$60.00


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