Film Scanning

Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is pleased to offer film image scan­ning ser­vices for all small gauge stocks processed at the lab, as well as exist­ing prints and neg­a­tives; 16mm, S8mm, 8mm & 9.5mm. All films processed in house will be set up and cleaned for scan­ning, old­er col­lec­tions brought to us for scan­ning will be inspect­ed, repaired and cleaned for best final results.

FLAT SCANNING cropped or overscan (edge to edge)

We are cur­rent­ly able to scan in HD, 2K or 4K. This ser­vice is per­fect for the film­mak­er pre­pared to per­form their own tim­ing and colour grad­ing. Avail­able in edge-to-edge or cropped to exposed image only. Our stan­dard out­put is Apple ProRes 422 HQ.

Film Scan­ning per footHD Flat 2K Flat4K flat
16/S16mm $0.30/ft$0.46/ft$0.80/ft
S8/Super 8$0.40/ft$0.72/ft$1.40/ft
D8/Regular 8 $0.40/ft$0.72/ft$1.40/ft


All dig­i­tal trans­fer orders require an emp­ty or backed-up stor­age device of ade­quate size (rough­ly 18GB per 100′). We will accept per­son­al hard dri­ves sup­plied to us for the stor­age of your dig­i­tal files , if they fit the require­ments out­lined only. If not we can pro­vide a suit­able dri­ve at cost. 

Sup­plied dri­ves must be for­mat­ted for ExFAT or a Mac.

 No extra fees for the load­ing of these files to your dri­ve or ours.

We can also upload your files to Google Dri­ve for $1/GB.

Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is not respon­si­ble for lost data or delayed orders due to file delivery.

Con­tact us for a quote.

Con­sult our help­ful FAQ page for more details.

Please note: Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab remains com­mit­ted to serv­ing the spe­cif­ic needs of each film­mak­er, so we are hap­py to for­ward any pro­cess­ing order to our friends at the trans­fer house of your choice.

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