Here at Nia­gara we are fol­low­ing the age-old tra­di­tion of crafts­man­ship in film pro­cess­ing and print­ing ini­ti­at­ed over one hun­dred years ago by our fore­fa­thers of pho­to fin­ish­ing, the inven­tors of light sen­si­tive emul­sions and the engi­neers of lengthy film trans­port sys­tems. Film devel­op­ers, fix­ers, bleach­es, clear baths and stop baths all con­tribute to our abil­i­ty to etch into sil­ver the pat­terns on the sur­face of the flex­i­ble medi­um we call film.  There are sev­er­al hun­dred rollers in each pro­cess­ing machine that car­ry the pre­cious cel­lu­loid through its adven­tures in chem­i­cal land, cir­cu­la­tion pumps, heaters, dry­ers, forced air squeegees, tur­bines, relays and dry­ing cab­i­nets.  The goal of those who run Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is to keep all these mov­ing parts in har­mo­ny, pre­serv­ing and main­tain­ing motion pic­ture film as an active medi­um just as vibrant, alive, mys­te­ri­ous and pow­er­ful as it was the day it was dis­cov­ered. We are very proud of our team and out fleet of machines we have man­aged to main­tain over the years and the count­less fan­tas­tic projects they have con­tributed to, and thank you for your shared love of this irre­place­able medium.





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