How can I submit proof that I am a student/Co-Op Member?

Sim­ply bring a Valid stu­dent ID when drop­ping off your order, if you are mail­ing an order, please include a pho­to­copy of your Stu­dent ID, if no ID is pro­vid­ed by your insti­tu­tion or you do not have one avail­able at the time of ship­men, please include a stu­dent doc­u­ment (transcript/schedule with your full name and stu­dent num­ber as well as a copy of any Pho­to ID. For Co-Op mem­bers if your insti­tu­tion does not mail out your order on your behalf please include a let­ter from the Co-Op val­i­dat­ing your mem­ber­ship with the cur­rent date and include a pho­to­copy of your Pho­to ID, and con­tact details for the Co-Op you belong to.

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