Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab is a full ser­vice motion pic­ture film lab­o­ra­tory, one of the last of a rare breed that focuses on pro­vid­ing the most com­plete and diverse post-production ser­vices avail­able for cel­lu­loid. Our goal is to pro­vide these very impor­tant ser­vices to those in need, sup­port­ing any­one inter­ested in shoot­ing or work­ing with motion pic­ture film by pre­serv­ing and main­tain­ing it as an active artis­tic medium.

Cur­rently we process and print every sup­ported motion pic­ture stock avail­able plus many recently dis­con­tin­ued stocks , we are experts at meet­ing set stan­dards as well as push­ing the lim­its of the medium with alter­na­tive meth­ods to pro­vide the best results for your work. We hap­pily draw from an expan­sive range of film stocks, tech­niques, expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge of the medium to offer ser­vices not avail­able any­where else.

We are a small group of pas­sion­ate arti­sans who are con­tin­u­ously improv­ing and explor­ing the bound­aries of what a film lab­o­ra­tory can be, the pos­si­bil­i­ties here are endless.

The film lab for artists