How do I get my film to you?

You can post them to our address using your local post office or any oth­er for of Inter­na­tion­al Express Couri­er (FED-EX, DHL, UPS, ETC). Please include a print­ed Order Form.

Remem­ber to state clear­ly on the invoice & bill of lad­ing  that these goods are being import­ed for fur­ther pro­cess­ing & return­ing to the coun­try of ori­gin: No sale, No Charge, declared cost for Cus­toms pur­pos­es only, terms of sale DDP (Deliv­er Duty Paid). Nia­gara Cus­tom Lab may bill you for any import costs incurred.

Please note that inter­na­tion­al ship­ping can take sev­er­al weeks to get here depend­ing on the loca­tion and ser­vice you choose. Track your ship­ment reg­u­lar­ly as delays can hap­pen when it arrives in Canada.

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Lockdown measures for Toronto Spring 2021

-For the third wave of the pandemic, we have reverted to our previous safety measures for our local patrons.

-As before our 24hour film drop slot located to the side of our frond door is always the best choice for a simple safe drop off or your project. Don't forget to clearly label your project with at the very least your name, phone number or email.

-If you would rather leave your project in person please email or call ahead to arrange a time for this.

-Out of town orders continue un interrupted through mail in and out.