What if my film won’t fit in a prepaid envelope?

You can send more than one enve­lope at a time, and bun­dle them togeth­er at a local Post office. If you send them as sep­a­rate packs and drop them off at a Post Box they may not arrive togeth­er, or at the same time. You could also pack them as a sin­gle large par­cel in a box or con­tain­er at the Post Office.

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Lockdown measures for Toronto Spring 2021

-For the third wave of the pandemic, we have reverted to our previous safety measures for our local patrons.

-As before our 24hour film drop slot located to the side of our frond door is always the best choice for a simple safe drop off or your project. Don't forget to clearly label your project with at the very least your name, phone number or email.

-If you would rather leave your project in person please email or call ahead to arrange a time for this.

-Out of town orders continue un interrupted through mail in and out.