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Niagara Custom Lab is a full service motion picture film laboratory, one of the last of a rare breed that focuses on providing the most complete and diverse post-production services available for celluloid. Our goal is to provide these very important services to those in need, supporting anyone interested in shooting or working with motion picture film by preserving and maintaining it as an active artistic medium.

Currently we process and print every supported motion picture stock available plus many recently discontinued stocks , we are experts at meeting set standards as well as pushing the limits of the medium with alternative methods to provide the best results for your work. We happily draw from an expansive range of film stocks, techniques, experience and knowledge of the medium to offer services not available anywhere else.

We are a small group of passionate artisans who are continuously improving and exploring the boundaries of what a film laboratory can be, the possibilities here are endless.

For a detailed inventory of all our services please refer to the price list.
NCL April 2014


Here at Niagara we are following the age-old tradition of craftsmanship in film processing and printing initiated over one hundred years ago by our forefathers of photo finishing, the inventors of light sensitive emulsions and the engineers of lengthy film transport systems. Film developers, fixers, bleaches, clear baths and stop baths all contribute to our ability to etch into silver the patterns on the surface of the flexible medium we call film.  There are several hundred rollers in each processing machine that carry the precious celluloid through its adventures in chemical land, circulation pumps, heaters, dryers, forced air squeegees, turbines, relays and drying cabinets.  The goal of those who run Niagara Custom Lab is to keep all these moving parts in harmony, preserving and maintaining motion picture film as an active medium just as vibrant, alive, mysterious and powerful as it was the day it was discovered. We are very proud of our team and out fleet of machines we have managed to maintain over the years and the countless fantastic projects they have contributed to, and thank you for your shared love of this irreplaceable medium.