S8 Film Pro­cess­ing per cart
BW Rever­sal 7266 pro as Rev$40.00
BW Rever­sal 7266 pro as Neg$38.00
Colour Neg­a­tive 7219,7213,7203$36.00
Colour Rev. Ektachrome 7294,7285,7280$42.00
Colour Rever­sal pro as Neg$46.00
D8 Film Pro­cess­ing per roll
BW Rever­sal pro normal$40.00
BW Rever­sal pro as Neg$46.00
Colour Neg­a­tive pro normal$34.00
Colour Rever­sal pro normal$38.00
Colour Rever­sal pro as negative $42.00
16mm Pro­cess­ing per 100ftper 400ft
BW Neg­a­tive
DBX 7222,7231,3378
BW Rever­sal
Tri‑X 7266, 7276,3378
BW Rever­sal
Pro as a Neg
Colour Neg­a­tive
Colour Rever­sal
Ekta 7294,7285,7280
Colour Rever­sal
Pro as a Neg

The min­i­mum charge for Super 8 & D8 (Reg­u­lar 8, Stan­dard 8) is one car­tridge or one roll, for 16mm 100ft. 16mm, S8 or D8 rolls sub­mit­ted that turn out blank due to cam­era error are not free.

PLEASE NOTE: We can­not process Kodachrome, Ektachrome 160, and a few oth­er expired stocks. Please con­tact us if you aren’t sure what you have.

Film Print­ing 16 + 3516 per ft.35 per ft. 
BW Workprint$0.52/ft$0.76/ft
BW Interneg­a­tive $1.80/ft$2.20/ft
BW Final Print$1.00/ft$1.20/ft
BW Rever­sal Print$0.60/ft$0.86/ft
Colour Workprint $0.50/ft$0.76/ft
Colour Interneg­a­tive $1.80/ft$2.20/ft
Colour Final Print $1.00/ft$1.20/ft
Colour Rever­sal Print$1.20/ftn/a
35 Film Pro­cess­ing per 400ft
BW Neg­a­tive DBX 5222$224.00
BW Rever­sal PXN 5231$240.00
BW Rever­sal pro as a Neg$288.00
Colour Neg­a­tive all$168.00
Col. Rever­sal Ekta 5294$264.00
Col. Rever­sal pro as a Neg$312.00

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