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Super 8
 Kodak Colour Negative 7203 50D Quantity:
 Kodak Colour Negative 7213 200T Quantity:
 Kodak Colour Negative 7219 500T Quantity:
 Black & White reversal Tri-X 200D/160T Quantity:
 Kodak Ektachrome Colour Reversal 7294 100D Quantity:
16mm (takes 1-3 business days to ship out)
 Kodak Black and White Reversal 7266 Tri-X 100D/160T 100' Quantity:
 Kodak Black and White Reversal 7266 Tri-X 100D/160T 400' Quantity:
 Kodak Colour Negative 500T/250D/200T/50D 100' Quantity:
 Kodak Colour Negative 500T/250D/200T/50D 400' Quantity:

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